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Welcome to Our Community

Fifth Avenue Synagogue is an Orthodox congregation located in the heart of Manhattan. Many of our families have been affiliated with Fifth Avenue for multiple generations and come every Shabbat, even every day, but our central location also makes us a natural destination for visitors and tourists from around the world.

Led by Rabbi Eli Babich and Cantor Zak Benarroch, we offer daily morning minyan, daily afternoon/evening minyan, and weekly Shabbat services.

We take pride in offering meaningful and inspiring daily services that start and end promptly. We invite you to join us for morning breakfast or a hot kiddush lunch on Shabbat.


We also offer a tremendous variety of daily classes and programs, including Daf Yomi with Rabbi Samuel Fishelis, and a weekly class with esteemed Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig.

Akiva Babich art

Our youth program allows us to instill Jewish values in generations to come.

Fifth Avenue Synagogue is proud to house the Creative Playschool, one of the most respected early childhood programs in Manhattan. We also offer Hebrew lessons for youth (and adults) three days a week and Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation.


We invite you to bring your children for youth groups on Shabbat morning, where they will recite tefilah, learn about the weekly parshah and enjoy Shabbat-related games with our Youth Directors.


We hope that you will join us for daily or Shabbat services, classes, Shabbat dinners, (including a Shabbat dinner series featuring members of the IDF), holiday programs, and singles events.

If you are looking for a religious and spiritual home for communal prayer; engaging, intellectual programming; and a warm, joyous, and kind community, Fifth Avenue Synagogue is the place for you.

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