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Youth Group

Fifth Avenue Synagogue offers rich and vibrant youth groups for all ages!

Rivkah Halpert is the Director of our Junior Congregation (ages 4 & under). Rivkah brings a wealth of experience as a school teacher of many years to FAS youth groups. Rivkah’s Shabbat youth groups are designed to enhance skills and provide sensory play for our youngest members and guests through Jewish-themed activities. She leads the children every Shabbat and holiday as they come together for an introduction to basic tefilot, the Alef-Bet, Jewish songs, snacks, activities and fun!

young boy with akiva
Arlene Stein daughter granddaughter purim

Yosef Itzkowitz is the Program Director for Youth groups ages 5 and up. Yosef likes to say that he has plenty of experience with Jewish youth having been one in the past!  In all seriousness, Yosef has many years of experience under his belt as a much-loved youth leader, including two years plus work with NCSY as a mentor and leader. In addition, he spent two years as a veteran counselor in Camp Hasc and worked as a Paraprofessional in a Jewish High School. Yosef is an accomplished artist who has a degree from The School of Visual Arts and is a published author.  He plays guitar, wide receiver, and has even been attached by a 5-foot shark... sort of (ask him about it). Yosef brings excitement and creativity to groups every year, whether it is in shul, on the basketball court, or at the paint nights he leads. His main objective is to ensure that all are happy to come to shul, and of course, happy to be Jewish! 

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