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Rennert Mikvah

The Rennert Mikvah is an exquisite mikvah (ritual bath) housed in Fifth Avenue Synagogue. Dedicated in May 2010 with the participation of dignitaries from across New York City, it is one of only two mikvahs to grace the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The Rennert Mikvah offers those who visit, whether members of our own community, or travelers from around the world, the extraordinary opportunity of experiencing the purity and holiness that accompanies immersion in the mikvah.

Whether visiting the mikvah before getting married, for monthly immersion, conversion, or preparing for Shabbat or holidays, Mikvah Director Rivkah Halpert will ensure that your experience is highly personal and spiritual. Fifth Avenue synagogue respects the privacy and dignity of each person who uses the mikvah. (Please note that the mikvah has a separate entrance to ensure the privacy of those who visit.)


Book a Mikvah Appointment

Located at 5 East 62nd Street between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue, the Rennert Mikvah is open by appointment only. If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions, please contact Mikvah Director Rivkah Halpert at or 917-238-6143. To see a checklist of requirements for mikvah preparation, click here.


Donate to the Rennert Mikvah

We appreciate your support in sustaining and operating this important community resource.

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